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Established in early 2023, The Mark Hennessy Foundation, Inc. (MHF) was created to honor Mark's wishes to support musicians on Cape Cod and beyond.  


Mark Hennessy was a resident and well-known musician on Cape Cod. Mark was influenced early on by the jazz musicians that played at his family’s restaurant, Hennessy's Steakhouse, in Dennisport, MA. He had an innate rhythm and love for music which he developed at a young age, picking up the guitar at age nine—and the music never stopped.


Mark built a career on Cape Cod doing what he loved—playing music. Mark’s bands included but were not limited to The Hennessy Brothers, Hen House, Tequila Mockingbird, and the Cape Cod Slackers. He had a way of moving those who had the honor of hearing him play, creating many friendships along the way. Mark played in just about every room on Cape Cod, eventually sharing his musical talent as far as Florida, Vermont and the Caribbean. Throughout his life, Mark supported musicians near and far and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Despite his humble demeanor, the world was Mark’s stage.

The Mark Hennessy Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

President: Amy Carroll

Treasurer: Laurie Sullivan

Clerk/Secretary: Jennifer Dow
Directors: Amy Carroll, Laurie Sullivan, Jennifer Dow, Stefanie Celata, Dr. K
, Jimmy Mullen

"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create."

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mark Hennessy Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that will support and provide opportunities to music students, established musicians and those seeking to further their music careers through education, empowerment, innovation and celebration.


Our Vision

The Mark Hennessy Foundation, Inc. understands that there are musically talented individuals that may be restricted due to financial hardship, lack of support or the means to obtain or maintain proper musical equipment. The MHF will raise funds to support and advocate for local musicians and music students by assisting financially, academically, and spiritually in times of need. We believe that music transforms the lives of youth, families and communities by empowering those who wish to express themselves through a creative outlet.

Our Mission

Our values

  • We embrace opportunity: we believe that all individuals should have access to the benefits of music 

  • We embrace excellence: we encourage those pursuing music to reach their highest potential

  • We embrace creativity: we welcome all genres and forms of music

  • We embrace diversity: we are inclusive of musicians of all genders, cultures, religions, LGBTQIA+, socio-economic status, ethnic groups and ages

  • We embrace community: we assist friends, neighbors and families that bring communities together through music


We Need Your Support Today!

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